Tenant Representation


ACC Space’s tenant representation team facilitates the process of finding and negotiating a suitable space for their client’s real estate needs and requirements. By considering your operational and financial parameters, we seek to provide you with the right space whether it be for renewals, relocates, acquiring new space, or even consolidating your locations. These services include strategic development, demographic study, market trends, logistics, occupancy costs, and negotiation on behalf of the client. ACC also offers the additional services of construction pricing, lease administration, and even architectural planning if needed.


ACC seeks to find the most favorable lease terms for their clients by fostering a competitive atmosphere of possibilities that will drive a fair price for the client.


By identifying market trends and opportunities, we look to find the most advantageous terms for our tenants that find themselves in the position of relocating.

ACC will conduct the necessary financial analysis and utilize our experience and relationships with landlords to insure a cost-effective, best price scenario for our clients for both the short and long term. We utilize all our resources and bank of local knowledge to implement a targeted solution that will meet your needs.

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Landlord Representation


Our brokers and agents act on behalf of property owners and landlords to search out the best available tenants by using a mix of strategies. By emphasizing your buildings’ best features and getting an idea of similar spaces and pricing, we gather the pertinent information necessary to put you in the best position to realize occupancy. From property tours to test-fit space planning and lease negotiations, we create continuous feedback that helps us evaluate our efforts.


ACC will inspect the leases to ensure any reimbursable expenses are accounted for, all lease space is occupied and utilized, and that lease terms clearly state both the tenants’ and owner’s responsibilities and obligations. We will help you to find the lowest risk possible tenants through credit review and history to make sure your investment is successful.


We plan your long-term leasing goals to mitigate exposure caused by lease expirations, reduce turnover through consolidating and extending existing tenants, and plan for capital improvements. Your investment strategy is also weighed, whether your property is a long-term investment, likely to be renovated, or will be positioned for sale in the near future. We see the overall picture of your ownership strategy and can help arrange lease terms and choose tenants that are best aligned with these goals.

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Investment Properties

Those looking to buy or sell investment properties will gain from our wide knowledge of capital markets and research fueled analysis that will spot profitable opportunities. Whether selling your holdings or looking to buy into the investment real estate market, we will help you identify the best opportunities across different property types.


As an investor, you may be looking for different property types for a range of investment timelines. We can help find the most favorable market opportunities across all classes.


Property owners will benefit from our expertise to either divest themselves of under-performing assets or to capture gains on existing properties. We help facilitate transactions to minimize risk and realize maximum returns.


With our team of brokers that operate across a variety of property types, we bring a complete approach to property investing that suits the needs of the particular client. Our expertise and allegiance to our clients, coupled with local market knowledge and awareness of market trends and forces, combine to get you the best possible investment opportunities with your criteria in mind.

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Ambrosino Consulting Corp.


We team with Ambrosino Consulting Corp. to tap into a wealth of construction experience and services. All phases of construction are provided for along with construction management and owner’s representative services if needed. ACC’s construction arm can provide construction services on a predetermined bid price. From there, we can supply detailed work schedules and work with an owner’s personnel to start, manage, and complete the project. We can complete necessary inspections and obtain sign-offs, then turn over the project upon completion to the owner’s representative and coordinate close out documents. ACC specializes in all necessary construction areas to meet your needs, from management of the construction process and general construction to acting as an owner’s representative.

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Property Management
ACC Real Estate Services, Inc


Property management is a multi-tiered approach, maximizing the value of your property through proper care of its physical space, tenant relationships and reputation in the market.

Our property management team and building professionals are truly dedicated, working in partnership with you to achieve your ownership goals


Attention to the physical needs of a building requires the coordination of a variety of vendors, from landscaping and cleaning services to systems engineers and renovations/repairs. We take quick action on pressing issues and coordinate responses accordingly. By analyzing common tenant requests and issues, we can advise owners on whether repair or replacement will best fix a problem, and how to do so in a cost-effective way while minimizing tenant disturbance. We use our data from similar properties to provide forward-thinking advice on issues like sustainability and green building management, and property improvements that can realize savings in the future.


We take a comprehensive approach to real estate management, realizing that some of a building’s best assets are the tenants themselves. We look to enhance the owner’s relationship with tenants and nurture an atmosphere of support among tenants. In addition to managing lease expirations and renewals, we support future leasing by asking for tenant feedback and then taking action. This open relationship and emphasis on person-to-person contact improves dialogue amongst tenants and can help property marketing efforts in the future.


A building’s reputation has a significant impact on the brand of each tenant’s business, so we look to enhance that brand in the market. We do this through a working knowledge of other competing properties, diligent care for common areas and first impression points, and a drive to distinguish the property’s unique features and services. Tenant turnover eats away at operating income fast, not only via the loss in rental fees, but also through the costs associated in re-tenanting, from signage to tenant improvements to brokerage fees. We proactively identify tenants whose space no longer suits their needs due to overcrowding or those with sub-leasable space and work with owners to implement a plan that supports the tenant’s needs while simultaneously preserving the owner’s revenue stream.

Architectural Services
Combined Resources Consulting and Design, Inc.


ACC Space teams with Combined Resources Consulting & Design, (CRCD), to provide clients with the additional services of architecture and design. Their team of experienced architects and designers can help you with every phase of the architectural process, from blueprints to board approvals and zoning variances for new projects. They obtain building department approvals from all types of municipalities and use their network and expertise to get the job done. An integrated approach and communication with the client facilitates the process to realize your vision on time and within your budget.

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